Sunday, November 9, 2014

BluSand Beauty Corporate Video

Here are videos I recently Directed & Produced, for BluSand beauty which produces variety of unique hair coloring products. Check it out.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Museum Art in NYC

Going to museums and watching art pieces are one of few things that reminds me to breathe deep and appreciate that I live in NYC - especially when busy with production works. And of course - it's also inspiring. The creativity and expression is what we strive for after all.

A few recommendations that I recently visited and enjoyed. 

First don't miss the video of amazing stop motion work, that is in the middle of the staircase. It's tiny. Then, go to the floor to appreciate the carefully crafted dolls and models that were used in the video. Video work is really breathtaking, might cause a bit of nostalgia.  

It may be the first time I actually was really impressed and enjoyed my visit at this museum.
This exhibition ends on April 13th.

2. Le Petit Prince @ The Morgan Library & Museum

Well, who don't like The Little Prince? Maybe if you're an adult with the heart that only sees a "hat"-
Actually, to be completely honest I hadn't read this book until I see this exhibition. And I only see a "hat" instead of boa eating elephant or whatever that is. Shame on me! But the drawing and its manuscript in this exhibition is certainly energetic and amusing -

Of course better if you'd read a book before the visit, and book is a short read. And yes, I loved the story. I'm finally on the same page as everyone else.  This exhibition ends on April 27th.

3. The Flowering of Edo Period Painting @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Okay okay, this is so basic, and I'm a cliche but I recently learned to enjoy going to Met. It's so huge that it often overwhelmed me to go. But if you pinpoint for certain exhibition, it's not so much and really refreshing. After all, it's been one of the greatest museum in the world for long time.

I picked this Edo Period Painting in Japanese section (on the second floor), because these collections are rare to see even in Japan. From beautifully colored folding screen to Hokusai's I've-never-seen drawings.

It's located near "Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris" - which portrays the rare photograph of Paris in 1800s- which is a must-see as well.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Peru & Brazil 12/24~1/8: People, Animal, and Food


Alpaca Meat 

Butterfly that followed and stayed with me for 30 min

Mortabella Sandwich @ Bar do Mane

Consulate of Bahia 

Miguel: "Feliz ano novo"
Paulinho and Ana, CEO of MindField Production 
Rodrigo, a long lost friend of mine from The Soundscapes

Friday, January 17, 2014

Peru & Brazil 12/24~1/8: Places and Things






Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Iguassu Falls (Brazil)
Iguassu Falls (Argentina)

Business District @ Sao Paulo

Crackland @ Sao Paulo

Kubrick Exposition @ Sao Paulo

Hotel Unique @ Sao Paulo

City Market @ Sao Paulo

Liberdade @ Sao Paulo
Ipanema Beach @ Rio De Janeiro

Ipanema Beach @ Rio De Janeiro
Yayoi Kusama Exhibition @ Rio De Janeiro
Monobloco Live @ Rio De Janeiro

View from Sugarloaf Mountain @ Rio De Janeiro

View from Sugarloaf Mountain @ Rio De Janeiro

Christo the Redeemer @ Rio De Janeiro