Sunday, December 14, 2008

Philip Sterk & Alana Amram @ Spike Hill

12月は仕事を打ち切って脚本最終稿の編集、映像編集、ウェブ立ち上げなど、自分のプロジェクトに打ち込んでいるんだけど、全て自宅作業で外に出ておらず、現実との接点を!と重い腰を上げて友人であり、世界でも数少ないペダル・スティールアーチストであるフィリップ・スタークのライブを観に行った。元々Phonograph という友人のバンドのメンバーで、Bushwickに引っ越してきた時にたまたまお隣に住んでいて仲良くなった、不思議なご縁のミュージシャン。

自 分がイベントマネージングをしているトライベッカのTokyo Barでソロライブをしてもらったりもしたので、できるだけ彼が演奏する時は行こうと思っているんだけど、今日の共演はアラナ・アムラムという女性フォー クシンガー。彼女は、60年代のビートニク世代のアイコン、デビッド・アムラムの娘で、自分がアメリカにくる大きな影響にもなった小説「路上」の作者、ケ ルアックとのつながりもあるわけで、なんかちょっと興奮。


Went to the live gig at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, of my friend who is a talented pedal steel guitarist who happens to live in the same apartment building as me in Bushwick
(yes, it happens to be that way, I kind of knew him from another Brooklyn based band called "Phonograph" before I moved in).

His name is Philip Sterk. A big guy who makes his pedal steel look like a baby.
I've been stuck in my apartment as the job is gettig slow and working on my own screenplay, editing some videos, and building my website which is to be launching soon, and needed some air outside (though it's freezing cold), and touch the reality. But the sound of the pedal steel is so far from the reality and took me away to a heavenly sphere. VERY WESTERN, or southern, maybe.

Also in collaboration was another talented folk singer, Alana Amram, who is a daughter of a beat music icon David Amram. Yes, one of my first inspiration to choose to be in the U.S. was Kerouac's "On the Road"- what a coincidence in a tiny world!

Anyway, Thanks Phil, keep it real! Only the real people can survive in what they love to do, as far as the world I'm concerned.

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