Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wendy and Lucy

今日は先日観たインディー映画「Wendy and Lucy」の話。

学生時代に(ああ、もう遥か彼方に感じる・・・)よくしてもらった恩師Kelly Reichardtの最新作がNYのFilm Forum(いわゆるアート系映画館)で上映しているので見逃さないうちに拝見。この前の作品「Old Joy」でロッテルダム映画祭のグランプリを受賞している、NYを代表する女性映画監督。






で、 主演の女優はアカデミー賞候補にもなった若手実力派のミシェル・ウィリアムス。金髪のきれいなイメージしかなかったけど、これで新境地って感じなのでしょうか。本当に普通のどこでもいそうな女の子感、それでいて微妙な表情や動きが計算されて(いるのか?)演じられていた。


Saw an independent film called "Wendy and Lucy" which was directed by Kelly Reichardt, who I admire both as a director and a person (she was my favorite teacher at NYU!) at Film Forum which is my another favorite theatre in NYC.

The film starts with a long, kind of strange tracking shot, and got my attention there.
Hearing the story of this young girl heading for Alaska, I thought of "Into the Wild" (another favorite movie of mine), however, not similar at all.

Throughout the trip, nothing astonishing really happens (though several accidents of course), just like in the real world. It captured more details of small things in life, from subtle facial expressions to ordinary moment which is kind of pretty, as well as deep sorrow and anger.

The director also pulled out a real performance of Michelle Williams, who I only know as a gorgeous blonde girl from previous movies (not many).

This movie doesn't shock you right away, but it leaves you an inexplicable feeling afterwards.

Still in theater so check it out!

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