Wednesday, January 21, 2009





The stay in Japan is coming to the end soon, and this visit has turned out to be well-balanced between business and private. Above all the entertainment industry people which sometimes wear me out, the most exciting people I could meet in Japan was my own family and friends who I grew up with, and can only see once every other year or so.

I left Japan in sort of disappointment when I was still 16, and funny thing is I understand more and more of essence of Japan while living in the U.S. I think it's because I'm not too involved any more and look at it very objectively.

The ugliness of extremely materialized (westernized) society which seems to come to the dead end stands out more and more, and finding myself appreciating true beauty in old cities and pure scenery, such as a classic bar street in Shinjuku, Mt.Fuji, Asakusa temple etc, not Takashimaya TIMES SQUARE or Tokyo MIDTOWN- Tokyo is not New York damnit!

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