Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tokyo Sonata






The film I watched in Tokyo is called Cannes-winning "Tokyo Sonata", directed by the Japanese master Kiyoshi Kurosawa. A friend of mine was involved in this, and I have had a chance to talk with the director back in time (a class in NYU!), so I had to watch it.

The result, one of the best film I have seen in past year! The story deals contemporary issues in Tokyo, such as massive layoffs (called "risutora" after "restructuring" though doesn't necesssarily mean it), and the collapse of family. Each characters and situations in this film are so believable, though exaggerated. I wonder how non-Japanese would perceive this film, yet it holds a universal pain and hope.

The casting, cinematography, music, every aspects of this film was amazing I thought, and I highly recommend those who are interested in Japanese culture to watch it- it's better than any text books (though again, this is a fictional story and things wouldn't go this crazy in the real life)

Also, one note is that the story was first written by Max Mannix, an Austrarian writer who'd resided in Tokyo. Therefore, the point of view is very unique and universal in a sense.

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