Sunday, March 1, 2009

Studio BPM



今日のお目当てはDub Nomads. ブルックリン界隈の日本人アーチストを中心に流動的なメンバーで行っているのですが、今日のメンバーは仲良くさせてもらっているミュージシャンばかりだったので簡単にご紹介。

ちょっと見にくいですが、左から、僕がその昔ミュージックビデオを撮らせてもらった事もある中村卓也氏(今後もコラボしてきます!)、日本で活躍しており今短期NY滞在中のタツヤさん、そしてスーパーDJ(日本でもツアーしたりしてたらしい)でありグラフィックデザイナーでもあるDavid Last(この日はなんとライブドラムーできる人は何でも出来るのね・・・)、そして色々なバンドに登場し、世界各地で才能をいかんなく発揮しているユースケさん


今や立派なギャラリー、Ad Hoc Gallery のマネージャー。昔話に花を咲かせつつも久しぶりにリコネクトでき、将来的に建設的な事ができるかもです。

Ohhhh, a hard time under the damn recession- but let's not forget to keep on rockin'!
Visited an underground hard-to-find venue, called BPM in Williamsburg, near the East river. (See top photo- it feels sketchy at the entrance, but really cool inside with a lot of creative decor)

This is my... 10th time of visit maybe? It usually functions as a recording studio for musicians, and have least-promoted live gigs occasionally, mostly by talented Japanese artists.

Last night was presented by Dub Nomads, composed by my buddy Takuya Nakamura (who I made a music video of a few years ago, and is going to make soundtrack for my movie!), Tokyo-based music producer Tatsuya, a top minimal/dub step DJ David Last (who played live drum sets here!) and drum genius Yusuke Yamamoto. (2nd photo)

Mellow, powerful, chill and dancable tracks- perfect Saturday night as I didn't feel for a party in the city... and I wanted to re-connect with these people at place familiar to me, as I still feel weird being in NY these days...

Oh yeah, the 3rd photo is Drew Ford who had curated my video art back in time, who I happened to find there. Now he's the manager of up-and-coming Ad Hoc Gallery in Bushwick- worth checking it out!

I should really start doing somethin' constructive, before doing blogs!

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