Monday, June 8, 2009


Working hard, playing hard in between the work-
Past couple of weekends...filled with arts and party (only posting the "safe" photos).


1.Gowanus 2nd Street Block Party

Fun, chilling vibe with random weird stuff, such as "Bio Bus" where you can peek microbes in the Gowanus canal by microscope, gypsy bands performance, being murdered people (I was killed by oyster), 2 people swings, etc...

ブルックリンにある小さな運河、Gowanus Canal沿いのブロックパーティー。顕微鏡で微生物がのぞけるバス、Bio Busや、バンド演奏、2人稼動ブランコ等、訳分からないものだらけのパーティーでした。

Don't know what she died from... 訳分かんない構図ですね。

Highest point of the day ブランコがこ〜んなに高く

2. Face Casting

Brooklyn based artist Samantha Urbani's art projects, which is making the casting face of people...She's willling to get 200 people, so if you want to do it, contact me! It feels really weird in a good way!


Do it gentle, Samantha... 意外とひんやりして気持ちいいのです(笑)


Better looking than me? 男前?

3. Hiroki Otsuka Art showing at Boutique, Spec


Very talented gentleman 相変わらず素晴らしい新作集でした

4. Renegates Craft Fair @ McCarren Park

Went with my old friend from school, and just ran into this randomness. A lot of cool stuff, actually better than ones different guys having in Union Square.



Blessed by weather. 天気がよかったので2、3時間居座りました。

It's a notebook with a book cover, presented by Book Journals
本のカバー付きのノート。Book Journalsというお店。

Some parts of book are remained. たまに本の一部が出てきます。

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