Friday, August 28, 2009

Brain Bug Complete & 9/4 Screening at Monkeytown!

やっと短編映画「Brain Bug」の編集が終了しました!明日から仕事の撮影のため、どうしても今日終わらせなければならず、ほっと一息(といっても今DVD書き出しにてこずってるんですがw)


ちなみに"Brain Bug"は9/13(日)にもGoodbye Blue Mondayというブッシュウィックの箱でも上映が決まっているので、当日来られない方はこちらに来ていただいても歓迎です。

日時: 9月4日(金)6PM-10PM
場所: Monkey Town@ウィリアムズバーグ     
イベント: Japanese Invasion 
料金: (6PM Door) 入場料 $5 + $10 ミニマムドリンクもしくはフード:



06:00PM: Live DJ 
06:30PM: 早崎過去の作品上映  
               Da Funk in Tokyo (2001), A Tease (2003), Born to Be the Cameraman (2003), 
               Matsuri (2003), Dreams I had had before I died (2003&2009), 
               Confusion (2003), Life (2004), Balis (2007)
07:30PM: 新作短編映画"Brain Bug" 上映/長編映画 "Off the Route" 概要紹介
08:00PM: Live DJ 
08:30PM: Marianneライブ 
09:30PM: Live DJ 
10:00PM: 終了

I'm happy to announce the private premier screening of my newest short "BRAIN BUG" before it hits festival circuit, as well as my previous works, at an awesome venue.
It has some cool live music too, so let's PARTY!

Please mark your calendar, and make RESERVATIONS asap! (the seating is only up to 50 people, so I really recommend reservation, soon.)

If you cannot make it for the screening of "Brain Bug", it will be screened at Bushwick's DIY venue Goodbye Blue Monday on 9/13 (Sun).
Hope you can come to both, actually :)

Here's the info. 

Date: Friday, September 4,  6PM-10PM
Venue: Monkey Town      
Cost: (6PM Door) Admission $5 + $10 minimum of food or drink:  Reservations Recommended

Content:  Screening of filmmaker Kenji Hayasaki's works including his newest short "Brain Bug" and a briefing of his debut feature "Off the Route",  followed by live performance of Japanese space rock band Marianne. DJ sets in the beginning, middle, and end.

Time Table:

06:00PM: Live DJ 
06:30PM: Film Screening by Kenji Hayasaki 
                Da Funk in Tokyo (2001), A Tease (2003), Born to Be the Cameraman (2003), 
                Matsuri (2003), Dreams I had had before I died (2003&2009),  
                Confusion (2003), Life (2004), Balis (2007)
07:30PM: Premier Screening of "Brain Bug" by Kenji followed by a briefing of feature 
                film "Off the Route", which is planned to start the production Feb, 2010. 
08:00PM: Live DJ 
08:30PM: Marianne Live Performance 
09:30PM: Live DJ 
10:00PM: Closing


Above is title designer, Daisuke- who also made "Japanese event" flyer under my direction. Thanks always!

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