Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well, some gigs have already passed, but here's my friends' CMJ line up- go go BNS Sessions!
I'm definitely going on this Saturday show, since my job in Pittsburg got canceled.

19 Oct - Soft Black CMJ: KEXP Showcase at The Cutting Room, NY, NY 7pm

20 Oct - Quiet Loudly at CMJ: Vanishing Point Presents! at Fontana's, New York, NY 7pm

22 Oct - Gunfight! CMJ Showcase at The Charleston, Brooklyn, NY 8pm
Roadside Graves CMJ: Aquarian Drunkard Day Party at Fontana's, NY, NY - Noon

24 Oct - Gunfight!/Nature Boy/Soft Black CMJ: DeliMagazine Party at The Delancey, NY, NY 2pm
Werewolves and Masterface CMJ Showcase at Shea Stadium Brooklyn, NY 4pm

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