Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Off the Route Meetings Part II

長編映画「Off the Route」始動に向けて相変わらずコンピューターとにらめっこ&電話かけまくり&ミーティングが続いています。

My Feature Film "Off the Route" - running around. 
Computers. Research. Phone Calls. Meetings (aka. hanging out or party)
Official Website coming soon!!


アーチスト団体&音楽レーベルBNS Sessionsからは数曲の音楽が提供される予定。
El Presidente of Artist collective/ Music Label BNS Sessions. Some of their music are planned to be used. Happy Birthday Kika!

One of Fashion/Costume Dept. Yone-kun. El Fashionista from Tokyo. Thanks for creative design/concept! Go Brooklyn Circus!

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