Monday, May 31, 2010

Japan Day 2010

先日告知したブラジルのベネフィットイベントの翌日,6/6(日)は(終了から約3時間後出発)はJapan Dayでお仕事!(NYなのにブラジル行ったり日本行ったりいそがしーな、万歳!)



3 hours after we finish up the benefit event for Brazil Child Health Organization I announced the other day, I'll be up & running in Central Park for JAPAN DAY on 6/6 (Sun)!

It's the biggest Japanese cultural event in NY which draws dozens of thousands of crowds every year,  come hang out! 

Pics from last year can be viewed here  (oops, I wasn't writing in English then....)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

BNS Sessions' Night of Sight & Sound for Brazil Child Health Organization

6/5(土)夜9時より久しぶりにBNS Sessionsでイベントやります!


場所はウィリアムズバーグのライブハウス、Don Pedro's。
L TrainでMontrose駅下車。90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklynです。


BNS Sessions presents:

Benefit for
The Brazil Child Health Organization

09:00-09:45 "Fuzz Bananas" Listening Party by
Tropicalia in Furs

09:45-10:00 Evangeline and Busty Kitten from
The Giddy Multitude

Names n Faces

10:30-10:45 Evangeline and Busty Kitten from The Giddy Multitude

HOIST and Cyphered Threads

11:15-11:45 Evangeline and Busty Kitten from The Giddy Multitude

Kenji Hayasaki Short Films

12:00-12:15 Random Shzl Drum Circle

12:15-12:30 "Fuzz Bananas" Documentary by
MadToy TV

12:30-02:30 Jereme Taylor and Joel Stones on the 1's and 2's

The Organizer & El Presidente of BNS Sessions Mr.Shawn Butler puts it, it's gonna be
"A Thematic Night of Parallel Dimensions and Interstellar Frequencies"

Let's get it together and do good for children in Brazil!
Dance with Brazilian beats & The sexy DJs!
Check out our cool new band!
Get blown away by one and only unique performances!
Watch some fun movies & documentaries!

Let's have fun and come say "awwwwwww!!" to us!!
Please spread your words!

Love, Peace, & Joy

Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrate Brooklyn!


そんな折に近所のカフェで、お気に入りの夏のイベントシリーズ「Celebrate Brooklyn」のフライヤーを見つけ、ラインナップにテンション上がる。ニューヨークの夏は街中の公園でフリーイベントが多くて楽しいんだけど、これマンハッタンのイベントより熱いんじゃないの?地元密着型なので、雰囲気もゆる〜いし。

毎年お世話になってるこの「Celebrate Brooklyn」。去年はDavid Byrne (入場規制がかかり外ででかいモニター鑑賞に)、Femi Kuti (奇しくもマイケルジャクソンが亡くなった日でした)などが思い出深かったです。


6/9   Nora Jones
6/24 Buena Vista Social Club
7/9   Ozomatli
7/11 The Roots & Talib Kweli
7/31 Sonic Youth (!!)
8/7   Sharon Jones

Just picked up a flyer from a cafe in Brooklyn...
Wow, what a line-up for Celebrate Brooklyn this year! 
Isn't this much better than Central Park or Bryant Park- which I don't know how it'll be yet...

As a long-term Brooklyner I always enjoy Celebrate Brooklyn better... more local comparing to the ones in the city. Last year's memory included David Byrne (opening night, and couldn't enter because was too packed, and stayed outside to watch a big monitor, shame), Femi Kuti and his fellows (that happened on the same day as Michael Jackson passed away)

Above is what I plan to attend- gimme a holla!



My freelance job turned out to be sooooo slow in May. Well, it's all about timing, so when there's no job, why don't I have fun and enjoy the coming of nice weather right? I recently learned the term "funemployment"- yes, life in NY is like a roller coaster. Friends from London, Tokyo, come and go too.

まずはJojo Mayer & Nerve のライブ。音源はウェブで聞いて大好きな感じ(ドラムンベース)。演奏レベルのすごさも噂には聞いていたけども、想像を上回る良さでした。元からの知り合いのNerve (Takuya Nakamura & John Davis :このブログにも何度か登場)はもちろんの事、伝説のドラマーJoJoの神業的な手さばきに完全にやられました。人力ドラムンベースってこういう事なのね〜と感心。90年代に流行って、行き詰まったかに思えたこのジャンルに未来を見ました(大げさな・・・)YouTubeで映像たくさん出てるので検索してみてください。

Concert of Jojo Mayer & Nerve @ Le Poisson Rouge. I listened to their tracks on their myspace, and already liked it. As the rumor said it, their live performance was just AMAZING. Of course my friend Nerve (Takuya Nakamura & John Davis) did a superb act as usual- and seeing the legendary drummer Jojo for the first time, blew my mind. How many hands does he have?? I thought Drum'n'Bass (my favorite genre) became obsolete, but I definitely see the light. YouTube "jojo mayer nerve" to see what they're like! 

さて、翌日は大学時代の同級生Ashleyに誘われて、古巣NYU主催の"Social Media as Creative Medium"という講演会に行ってきました。どういう内容かというと、現在のSNS(Facebook, Twitter, Myspaceなど)やブログを利用したクリエイターのプロモーションの仕方など。ちょうどタイムリーに興味があったので(自主映画の資金集め等のため)参加しましたが、「こんな事ができますよ、色んな可能性がありますよ」話しで「どうすればビジネスになるのか」という肝の部分はスピーカーもあまりわかっておらずちょっと肩すかし。まあ期待はあまりせずに自分の思いつく事をやりましょう!って感じです。


そんな事より5年ぶりに訪れたNYU Tisch School of the Arts、懐かしかった!感が強かったです。卒業してから辛い日々が続いた事もあったけどこうして独立してなんとか生活できるようになり、両親を始め支えてくれた多くの人に本当に感謝です。

Next day, I attended this meeting called "Social Media as Creative Medium" with my school pal Ashley.
It was held at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU), which I haven't been to for past 5 years since I graduated. 

It was supposed to be about how Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blog can be used to promote your creative work, as well funding aspect of it. As a filmmaker with a feature screenplay, I was expecting more concrete advice, but it was all about "possibility" and lack of explanation of their dynamics & business aspect of it. 

A lot of 40~60s in presence, trying to catch up with what's going on in this "internet world". They seemed even more confused than I am... yeah, my Mom wouldn't understand any single words coming out of speakers' mouth (not just because she is a Japanese to begin with). I could observe a huge gap between generation, wherever I visit recently. We all need to cooperate each other, different generation, races, sexes, for a common purpose in order to achieve something big, holding down "me, me, me" ego- that's all I can say.

今日は天気もよく、この8年間でもっとも通ったであろうお気に入りのカフェレストランバー、Supercoreでお勉強/お仕事。立ち読みして衝動買いした「The guerilla film maker's pocket book」は低予算自主映画の効率的な撮影法からビジネスにおけるまで丁寧に書いてあり、かなり刺激になりました。シビアな現実もびしびし書かれてたし。こういう所で作業すると身に入りやすい!

Today was really blessed by weather. So I dropped by at my favorite cafe/bar/restaurant Supercore on Bedford Ave, where I have spent 100s of hours when I used to live nearby. This place always comfort me, and good place for me to study/work on computer when I wanna get out of apartment to focus.
Today's reading is "The guerilla film maker's pocket book", which I picked it up at the bookstore and it reads well. It tells all about Low-budget indie filmmaking, from funding, production, to distribution. It shows the tough reality of filmmaking, and it's quite inspiring.


あと、6月5日に久々にBNS SessionsのイベントでVJ&映画上映します!詳細はまた後日!

And oh yes, I'm finally moving out of my apartment where I shared with 4 roommates, each unique and fun-loving individuals. It's been 3 years since I let go of gentrified Williamsburg's 1BR apt, and moved into commune-like interesting apt. So many good memories, but it was just right timing to do it now.

And oh yes, yes again, I'm doing VJ/film screening for BNS Sessions upcoming event on 6/5! Details to come soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Weekend


Settled down with jobs a bit (that means I'm unemployed again guys!), enjoying typical NYC weekend again, under the beautiful weather! I'm just so happy the cold winter is over, really.


友人のフォトグラファー/アーチストGemma Flemmingがアートディレクションを行ったFaux Fashion Show。ブルックリンで最近よく耳にする機会の多くなったアングラなハコHouse of Yesで、一風変わったファッションショー。ユニークで質も高く超満員でした。
携帯写真の画質悪いので、イベント協力&同席した友人Alessio De Vecchiのウェブログからもど〜ぞ。

The night started off going to this unique fashion show called "Faux Fashion Show" at House of Yes, which my friend Gemma Flemming directed.  It was packed with full of people and energy, all cheering at creative effort and high quality each participants made. Better pic (sorry my phone camera is a crap) can be seen at my friend Alessio, who also helped this project.



But had to leave, to say good bye to my buddy Justin, who's leaving for San Fran the next day... sad but sure he'd come back to NY again. Or I will visit him, whatever, the world is small enough. Great roof-top party, all his friends together to share the last moment with him!

Then came back to my house, and still the BBQ party is going on at 3 crazy cats!

このブログでもしつこいくらいとりあげているPeelander-Zのライブ。@Brooklyn Bowl

Mentioned too many times at this blog, but Peelander-Z's live again @ Brooklyn Bowl. The final for their US tour, and they always bring up powerful performance with something new. They're touring Europe from the end of month, so those who are there, go check it out!

パフォーマンスもCobu とか、Samurai Sword Soul など見応えのあるパフォーマンスもありで。

Off the Brooklyn's Botanic Garden, to enjoy the weather AND Sakura Matsuri, which is a common Japanese thing to enjoy Cherry Blossom. However, all Cherry Flowers were gone. So we (most of people who I hang out then were people I didn't know before!)  enjoyed chatting and seeing great performance such as Cobu, Samurai Sword Soul, etc... 

そしてその後はお互い多忙で会えていなかった、サウンド・エンジニア(短編映画「Brain Bug」も手伝ってくれた)Daniel Schlettと久しぶりに再会。お互いの濃い近況報告をしつつ、

Then headed off to my buddy Daniel who I hadn't seen for a long time. Had pizza, drinks, visited his sound studio, chilling and talking.

You can get tired but never bored of New York. You can find inspiration from anywhere after all.