Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrate Brooklyn!


そんな折に近所のカフェで、お気に入りの夏のイベントシリーズ「Celebrate Brooklyn」のフライヤーを見つけ、ラインナップにテンション上がる。ニューヨークの夏は街中の公園でフリーイベントが多くて楽しいんだけど、これマンハッタンのイベントより熱いんじゃないの?地元密着型なので、雰囲気もゆる〜いし。

毎年お世話になってるこの「Celebrate Brooklyn」。去年はDavid Byrne (入場規制がかかり外ででかいモニター鑑賞に)、Femi Kuti (奇しくもマイケルジャクソンが亡くなった日でした)などが思い出深かったです。


6/9   Nora Jones
6/24 Buena Vista Social Club
7/9   Ozomatli
7/11 The Roots & Talib Kweli
7/31 Sonic Youth (!!)
8/7   Sharon Jones

Just picked up a flyer from a cafe in Brooklyn...
Wow, what a line-up for Celebrate Brooklyn this year! 
Isn't this much better than Central Park or Bryant Park- which I don't know how it'll be yet...

As a long-term Brooklyner I always enjoy Celebrate Brooklyn better... more local comparing to the ones in the city. Last year's memory included David Byrne (opening night, and couldn't enter because was too packed, and stayed outside to watch a big monitor, shame), Femi Kuti and his fellows (that happened on the same day as Michael Jackson passed away)

Above is what I plan to attend- gimme a holla!

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