Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Weekend


Settled down with jobs a bit (that means I'm unemployed again guys!), enjoying typical NYC weekend again, under the beautiful weather! I'm just so happy the cold winter is over, really.


友人のフォトグラファー/アーチストGemma Flemmingがアートディレクションを行ったFaux Fashion Show。ブルックリンで最近よく耳にする機会の多くなったアングラなハコHouse of Yesで、一風変わったファッションショー。ユニークで質も高く超満員でした。
携帯写真の画質悪いので、イベント協力&同席した友人Alessio De Vecchiのウェブログからもど〜ぞ。

The night started off going to this unique fashion show called "Faux Fashion Show" at House of Yes, which my friend Gemma Flemming directed.  It was packed with full of people and energy, all cheering at creative effort and high quality each participants made. Better pic (sorry my phone camera is a crap) can be seen at my friend Alessio, who also helped this project.



But had to leave, to say good bye to my buddy Justin, who's leaving for San Fran the next day... sad but sure he'd come back to NY again. Or I will visit him, whatever, the world is small enough. Great roof-top party, all his friends together to share the last moment with him!

Then came back to my house, and still the BBQ party is going on at 3 am....you crazy cats!

このブログでもしつこいくらいとりあげているPeelander-Zのライブ。@Brooklyn Bowl

Mentioned too many times at this blog, but Peelander-Z's live again @ Brooklyn Bowl. The final for their US tour, and they always bring up powerful performance with something new. They're touring Europe from the end of month, so those who are there, go check it out!

パフォーマンスもCobu とか、Samurai Sword Soul など見応えのあるパフォーマンスもありで。

Off the Brooklyn's Botanic Garden, to enjoy the weather AND Sakura Matsuri, which is a common Japanese thing to enjoy Cherry Blossom. However, all Cherry Flowers were gone. So we (most of people who I hang out then were people I didn't know before!)  enjoyed chatting and seeing great performance such as Cobu, Samurai Sword Soul, etc... 

そしてその後はお互い多忙で会えていなかった、サウンド・エンジニア(短編映画「Brain Bug」も手伝ってくれた)Daniel Schlettと久しぶりに再会。お互いの濃い近況報告をしつつ、

Then headed off to my buddy Daniel who I hadn't seen for a long time. Had pizza, drinks, visited his sound studio, chilling and talking.

You can get tired but never bored of New York. You can find inspiration from anywhere after all.

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