Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brazil Child Health Benefit Event & Japan Day Photos



まずは土曜日。このブログでも告知をした、Brazil Child Health Organizationのためのチャリティイベント。久しぶりにMotion Dive TokyoでのVJ。楽しい!

Been a while! Will have internet connection tomorrow- at my new apt. Today's report is from my fav cafe supercore- again!

2 events last weekend where I worked for. 
Saturday was benefit event for Brazil Child Health Organization - where I VJed using classic Motion Dive Tokyo - fun!

My Buddy Shawn's new band, H.O.I.S.T.

Kika が撮ってくれた写真。そのKikaとは・・・
Kika took me this photo. Kika is....

Cyphered Threads というパフォーマンスアーチスト。
This performance artist called Cyphered Threads. She's been around in New York art scene.

自分の短編映画やOff the Routeの予告編なども上映。
My short films & Off the Route's teaser been screened.

ものすごくD.I.Y (Do it yourself - 全部セットアップからなにまで自分たちで限られたリソースの中でやること)なイベントとうってかわって翌日(というか、イベント終了から3時間後)はJapan Dayに撮影部隊として参加しました。寝不足も吹き飛ばす朝のセントラルパークの気持ちよさ!
3 hours after very D.I.Y event wrapped up, had headed out to Central Park as a filming crew for Japan Day.... Sleepy times, but morning Central Park is beautiful!

早朝Japan Run。オリンピック日本代表の渋井選手や大平選手なども参戦。
Japan Day Marathon. Japanese olympian Shibui & Ohira joined.

Different crew from last year, but still good & talented ones!
It's been 150 years since Samurai had a parade in NY - isn't it a crazy fact??

People chilling...

All famous Japanese artists perform together in the end. 
Legendary Sadao Watanabe's sax was really, really superb.

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