Monday, June 28, 2010

Just another weekend in New York, just with some spontaneous encounters

Another weekend in NY- started off meeting with buddy Daniel the Sound Maker. Met up at Greenpoint Tavern, where ppl were watching U.S. vs Ghana.

はからずもNorthside Festivalだったようで、おなじみのベッドフォード通りが交通封鎖。
Just so happened to be Northside Festival, and all Bedford Avenue was closed off. Not really interested. So we hopped onto a party where there was a rooftop. 

"Fxxx You Hippies!" No he didn't say that. lol. Next to Daniel is his childhood buddy Mike, another amazing musician, who is about to head out to Ireland.

View down on Bedford was amazing though, looked like surreal plastic model

And rooftop itself too.

Then Sunday with a little hangover. Killing time at Washington Square. Yes, it's summertime!

Then looked to the left, yes, it's summertime!!

Meeting up with my old friend Carolina, who I knew from Cal State period. We picked West Village for our meeting spot....wrong idea, Gay Parade. Streets are blocked off, all the bars were packed. Carolina just graduated from Columbia University, and now at job-hunting to be a social worker. Genuine passion to help out struggled people is respect-worthy.

ユニオンスクエアに曼荼羅があるらしい!との情報をもとに、現地へ。左が先日コロンビア大学を卒業して現在Social Workerの就職活動中。君ならきっと見つかるよ!世の中を少しでもよくするために献身するっていうのも本当に大きな夢だよなあ。
After meal, headed off to Union Square to see this "Mandala" Stayed there quite a while...

Look at this's all sand painting. Took the artist for 8.5 hours!

アーチストのJoe Mangrumも現場にいて色々話しを聞いたんだけど、「曼荼羅」というわけでもなく、ネイティブアメリカンの砂絵とも違うし、サイケ・アートでも無いわけで、そういうカテゴリーでくくるのもばかばかしいんだけど、でもそういうカテゴリーに入れなきゃ一般に伝わらない事も多いわけで。Twitterで先日つぶやいていた横尾忠則さんの


The artist's name is Joe Mangrum, and his portfolio had amazing stuffs he's done. By the way, according to him, this is not called "Mandala" or Native American sand painting, nor psychedelic art, it's just come out of him, by him seeking the truth of himself, according to him.

The artist is the one with cowboy hat.

And his wife cleans it up. Wow, what a great couple. 

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