Monday, July 12, 2010




ロケ終了後の夕日。Sunset after the shoot.

The program I was in charge of filming in the U.S. will be on the air this Thursday- please check it out if you're in Japan! It's very interesting/touching story.

2010.7.15 (Thursday) 7:57PM~
Unbelievable (Fuji TV)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oblivians, Peelander-Z and so 4th...

Back to work and recollecting July already.

Obilivians @ Knitting Factory

Legendary garage punk rock band from Memphis, Oblivians @ Knitting Factory. I've known their name and songs for a while- but didn't think I'd see them live. My buddy Geoffrey from Memphis, who is a good friend of them told me about it. 

It was as wild as expected.

This one is more chaotic and truthful (and badly filmed, lol)

After the show, got chance to take pictures with them. I'm a Japanese so it's okay- haha. Actually I don't like taking photos, especially with celebrity- but this is something special. By the way, I'm not holding beer at all in this photo, it's a pretty cool trick photo.

 A lot of hardcore band people I know are extremely good spirited in real life. That's the way it should be, that's the way it should be.

Talked a bit about another Japanese legendary garage band Guitar Wolf, who they'd toured with long time ago (before Billy passed away sadly). Boasted about me playing with them too! Here's the proof.
No, I can't play the guitar, really, but they made me to.

Given by a Guitar Wolf fan after the show, which became my treasure (Year 2002 I think)



Very next day, I happened to watch (really, happened to) Sex and the City 2. I worked closely on a Japanese Promo Program  with the first one, so I had to! lol. Yeah, it's just an excuse, I actually enjoyed the first one. But second one, didn't buy it, although i was kind of mesmerized by what's going on on screen.

Snaps from NY

Dish made out of Vinyl. Interesting!

Vegetarian Cold Borsch. Dangerous!

週末はまた、しつっこいくらいこのブログでも書いているPeelander-Zのライブ!@Death by Audio。いや、本当に観るたびに、パフォーマンスも、見た目もすごい事になっていくのでついつい書かずにはいられない。みんなも観たら語らずにはいられない。そしてファンがどんどん増えていく、本物のDIYバンド。

Then weekend. Once again, Peelander-Z show. They become better and better, bigger and bigger! The best DIY band ever!

Peelander-Yellow at backstage (hallway)


And July 4th. Yes, Independence Day. Why does it matter to me? Because it's about freedom. It was also about 3rd year anniversary of me quitting full-time job to go freelance. And this year had the most amazing party, thanks to my friend Jose and his friend Neil (the owner of the space).

It was so.... (can't find word)

So much crowd underneath. I'm so lucky :p

Couldn't get photos right so just shot movie on my crappy camera. It's really rough but think it satisfies as a memorabilia...

Digging NY summer as always. I need to split my body into half so that I can enjoy myself while the other half works in the office.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brain Bug Broadcast on UTB Hollywood

昨年製作/監督した自主短編映画「Brain Bug」が南カリフォルニアのケーブルTV「UTB Hollywood」のPicture Battle の特別枠で来週放映される事になりました。


この映画「Brain Bug」は現在もまだ数々の映画祭に提出中。何かおすすめの映画祭や上映場所があったらお知らせください!!

Date/Time: 7/10 (Sat) & 7/11 (Sun)  10PM~ 12AM

Channel: CH.18 KSCI-TV

My most recent short film "Brain Bug", which I produced & directed, written, edited, production designed, and starred in, will be broadcasted on Southern California based UTB Hollywood, which is the biggest Japanese cable TV channel in the States. 

This special programming "Picture Battle" composes of 9 other great films.
If you have a chance, please check it out!

"Brain Bug" is still being submitted to various international film festivals. If you know any other good film festivals to send & venues to play it, please please contact me!