Friday, July 2, 2010

Brain Bug Broadcast on UTB Hollywood

昨年製作/監督した自主短編映画「Brain Bug」が南カリフォルニアのケーブルTV「UTB Hollywood」のPicture Battle の特別枠で来週放映される事になりました。


この映画「Brain Bug」は現在もまだ数々の映画祭に提出中。何かおすすめの映画祭や上映場所があったらお知らせください!!

Date/Time: 7/10 (Sat) & 7/11 (Sun)  10PM~ 12AM

Channel: CH.18 KSCI-TV

My most recent short film "Brain Bug", which I produced & directed, written, edited, production designed, and starred in, will be broadcasted on Southern California based UTB Hollywood, which is the biggest Japanese cable TV channel in the States. 

This special programming "Picture Battle" composes of 9 other great films.
If you have a chance, please check it out!

"Brain Bug" is still being submitted to various international film festivals. If you know any other good film festivals to send & venues to play it, please please contact me!

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