Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fennesz @ Le Poisson Rouge

As the summer is ending and people are rushing to party out, I've come to be so busy with my own projects. 2 music videos: one in post-production, the other in pre-production, and minor re-write on my Off the Route script for a competition.

In such time, however, I was informed that Fennesz is here to play at very last minutes. His previous album "Endless Summer" is my favorite album, after having it as my soundtrack for my long-term backpack travel a while ago.

Nobody knowing who he is (or busy partying or working-), I decided to go alone. On my way to the concert, I ran into my buddy Sean (BNS Sessions), Kika (Cyphered Threads), and Paul (Salt Mastering), and told them about my plan. They were on their way to a birthday party, but Paul told me he just mastered Fennesz's newest album! Sweetness. This kind of weird coincidence happens a lot to me in NY.

Arriving at Le Poisson Rouge where I saw Jojo Meyer & Nerve before, I realized something different from then; tables filled up in front of the stage, like some nice jazz bar. And they were full. So I stood behind tables and watched the second musician Soap & Skin sings and plays the piano.

Powerful yet sensitive voice. Eccentric performance and shouting. It reminded me of Fiona Apple (I'm sure this's been said hundreds of times). However, as her stage went on, with more electronics/organ sounds, it became something unheard of. Later I found out this diva is only 20 years old Austrian. Hope she will continue her path. 

Before Fennesz arrives, I found one seat available, at the top front of the stage, so I sat appreciating my luck for today. As he starts his performance, the flood of noise effect started mesmerizing me. When I closed my eyes I wasn't certain where I was. I felt like I was at the perfect beach, universe, or nirvana. Yes, it's exaggerating. But almost.

But I've wondered throughout the show, how he makes this crazy & beautiful sound- not so much equipment or pedal effectors were seen, but I couldn't see what's on his laptop. 

I usually don't like to go to the gig alone, especially on Saturday night, but somehow it worked out perfectly. Next gig I know I'm going is 9/23, Guitar Wolf & Peelander-Z. That, I have to bring people out!

P.S. Excuse me for such poor quality pictures above- my camera broke. Thinking about getting Canon 7D or t2i. Of course I'll be shooting video a lot too. Any suggestions??



特にアルバム「Endless Summer」は昔、夏の間バックパック旅行をしてた時の移動用音楽として結構お世話になってたわけです。3年ほど前には坂本龍一さんともコラボとかしてみたいですね。

ウィリアムズバーグのおなじみのカフェで、あるコンペに提出するためにOff the Routeの脚本の一部を書き直し、さあ出発と駅に向かう途中でおなじみBNS Sessionsのショーン、彼女のキカ、そしてSalt Masteringの経営者ポールとばったり出会う。


場所が、前のブログでも紹介したLe Poisson Rougeという、それなりに名の知れたアンダーグランドアーチストがよくプレイする場所。前回とはまったくセッティングが代わり、ステージ前は全てテーブルで埋め尽くされ、座り客がほとんど。満員だったため仕方なく後ろの方で立ち見。ちぇっ。

今回のライブはオーストリア音楽というくくりのイベントだったようで、オープニングこそ逃したものの二人目のSoap & Skinという女性シンガー/ピアニストのパフォーマンスに早速度肝を抜かれました。








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