Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peelander-Z & Guitar Wolf @ Santos Party House

Whoa, what a show! 

Definitely one of the most memorable gig I've attended since I moved to New York...and I don't say this every time; I remember saying this, let's see

Beans/Four Tet/Battles/Prefuse 73 @ North Six (now "Music Hall of Williamsburg)
Kenny Muhammad/Squarepusher @ Southpaw, The Coral @ Bowery Ballroom 
Infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall, Primal Scream @ Music Hall of Williamsburg and what else...oh, Guitar Wolf @ North Six.

I've watched Guitar Wolf about 5~6 years ago, I think, when I was still in college. 
There was a left-over ticket my friend wanted to let go of, so I grabbed it and walked over to North Six (I used to live nearby) by myself, although I had no idea who they were. 

After a couple of drinks, I realized I'm diggin' it and soon found myself in moshpit. 
Not just because they are Japanese (well, that might have added some encouragement too of course), but also I was purely mesmerized by their performance. 

I was in the center of crowds that were trying to touch Guitar Wolf, who was holding out his hand. Then the next thing I remember was him grabbing my hand and pulled me up on the stage, and gave me his guitar to play.

Being honest, I don't have exact recollection of how I did- it was too chaotic, covered by over-amplified noise and crowds suddenly in front of me, I probably sucked. That's that, what can you expect? 

After the gig's over and I was bragging to everyone, including my friend Geoffrey, who happens to be good music friend with Oblivians, who happened to have toured with Guitar Wolf. Also included Peelander-Z, who have played with them many times also. Peelander-Z was not as big as now, and we talked and talked about how cool Guitar Wolf is, and how cool Peelander-Z can be. 

5 Years past, my relationship with Peelander-Z still there, although many things have changed of course. Billy from Guitar Wolf died, the drummer of Peelander-Z changed from Blue to Green. I left the production company to be freelance. Guitar Wolf never played in the States, even after new bassist joined.

And it so happened that Guitar Wolf play for the first time since then, having Peelander-Z as opening. I showed up late because of work, so didn't have very good look of Peelander-Z playing, I've seen them enough times. 

After they finished, I talked briefly with Peelander-Yellow, surrounded by his fans, and he told me "This show is our turning point. Guitar Wolf had influenced us when we started, and they influenced you. Now it's the time for new beginning." 

Peelander-Z ain't a mere opener any more, but it was the gig with 2 headliners. 

This is Peelander-Yellow's mission statement, lol... he looked kind of scary after the show.

I was that guy 5 years ago!  It feels awkward in the beginning but ecstatic towards the end, lol.

P.S. Just to note, those bands who are pretty well-known in the U.S. are not very well-known in Japan. Sometimes popular Japanese bands, that are well-managed by major labels that sets everything up for them, come to play in NY.

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