Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning AMERIKA!

Working on a documentary film about Early film history and U.S. history during that period, through a national broadcast.

Location scout with the director successfully finished (well, except one part, read till the end...), in 6 states in 8 days.

Due to the nature of project, can't write so much in detail but here are some photos's really awesome project to work with though, learning a lot in every different ways. 

History of film starts from Library of Congress (sorry about bad composition, I was multi-tasking! )


At fire museum. Did you know fire engine didn't have an engine, but was carried by horses? Dig it?

I was so happy to be at Coney Island, as I haven't been there a while. Wow, it did change...shot from Wonder Wheel which is still intact... how can you call this a job? Well I was alone with the director (guy) who I met a few days ago. See, it is a job! I missed my rare chance to be there this summer because of another gig in San Diego then. Ironic.

And of course you can't pass this lady

Then, for the first time in my life visited Ellis Island Immigration museum. Immigrants are big part of the story, and it really made me think a lot, as I'm a immigrant myself...their lives are hard, but it's mostly by choice after all...they say.  Some stayed, some left. 

Speaking of immigration, I was taken to the police and got ticketed because I didn't carry a proof of my legal working status. Have to go to court in Pennsylvania next month. I'm sure it'll be fine but it's such a drag and downer (I have to go there at my own expense, pay for my lawyer, etc...). I want to write much more details about what's happened but I'll shut up for now. Wish me luck on not to get deported.

And coincidentally it was during the scout on an Native American related site where some wrong things happened in the past. (I'm working on Navajo's "forgotten people" project of my own) The person at the site told me a lot about this country from her point of view. It was quote by somebody famous I forgot but it goes something like this: "Road to hell is paved by good intentions". 

I interpreted this way... Certain insecure people enjoy forcing their "civilized" way because they believe it'll do "savages" good,  but it only does them harm and make "civilized" feel good about themselves. 

Then the last destination was Utah. I've been to 30 some states and never had visited there. It was a beautiful place, especially since I haven't gone out of NY area for long time... just enjoyed the stretched-out plain filled with nothingness.

Why was I in Utah? Trains!

Wow, 10 Miles of Track in 1 Day? Such hard-workers.... oh, they are all immigrants.

The end of the day there was an amazing sunshine through thick dark clouds. Quite symbolic. I wish I had time and my new camera to take good photo for this. Well, I wait until I wrap my job in mid-November. It feels nice to be booked for a month. Donno afterwards. Well, the court, that's for sure. 


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