Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off the Route Editing/Re-Write Session!

久しぶりに長期に渡るドキュメンタリーの仕事も一通り落ち着き、やっと自分の長編映画プロジェクト「Off the Route」に舞い戻り。現在、脚本の再度読み直し、編集(特に英語版)および書き直し作業してます。ブログご無沙汰です。





Wrapped on a long JPN documentary project (it's about an early film history and 1900's U.S. history),
and finally back to the development of my feature film "Off the Route".

Editing dialogues and actions, Re-writing of some scenes. Tightening up. Lots of Patience. This project's been taking way too long (almost obsessively), but so many people are already supporting me through this, loving the story, and just can't back off. 

Since the first draft written 2 years ago, there's been so many good feedbacks (and as you know I'm stubborn sometimes...). Now things look more clearly, and I can read it separate from myself, looking at it more objectively and analytically. And my career and job situation are a little better, having more cooperation from people who are more tactful, influential, business-minded yet understanding and good spirited people. 

So thank you everyone, those who's been supporting me through this painful process, and believing me in this...things are still in progress (really) and I'll make this happen. No, WE'll make this happen!


Soundtracks for my re-writing/editing session (Winter 2010 version)

Do You Realize? / Flaming Lips
Keep Your Dreams/ Primal Scream
Handbags and Gladrags / Stereophonics
Blowin' in the Wind / Bob Dylan
Tender / Blur
The Drugs Don't Work / The Verve
Walking in the Winter / The Coral
Wave of Mutilation / Pixies
Juxtaposed with You / Super Furry Animals
Bring It On / Gomez
We've Been Had / The Walkmen
Alabama Song / Doors
Dreaming of you / The Coral
Bara no Hana / Quruli
Subarashii Hibi / Unicorn
I'm Losing More than I'll Ever Have / Primal Scream
Tomorrow Never Knows / The Beatles
(We're All Made of) Star Stuff/ The Soundscapes
I Wanna Be Adored / Stone Roses
Tell Her No / The Zombies