Saturday, December 25, 2010



12/26   21:00~21:50「ペーパーフィルムが語る100年前のアメリカ第1回 映画の発明」
12/27   21:00~21:50「ペーパーフィルムが語る100年前のアメリカ第2回 WAR SHOW」
12/28   21:00~21:50「ペーパーフィルムが語る100年前のアメリカ第3回 カメラは世界へ」

Excuse me for last minutes notice-

The documentary project I was working on as U.S. production manager will be aired in Japan tomorrow the 26th (well, it's already today in Japan), 27th and 28th, through the public broadcast NHK. 

If you're in Japan, check it out! From 9PM to 10PM.
The project I've been heavily involved on for past couple of months, in 6 different states. 
It's about the U.S. History in 1900s  and the beginning history of motion picture (Paper Prints). 

It's going to be interesting....can't wait to see it! (I'll get to see it very soon)

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Would love to watch.