Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yell Art!!!

My long-time friend Tomohiko Yoneda contacted me a couple of days ago, and let me know of an interesting project he's just started. I agreed on doing what I can, mostly to spread it not only in Japan, but also in NYC, U.S.A, or to the world. It's called Yell Art . And I'm just yelling about it! :)

We're all heart-broken by this catastrophe, and most of us may feel powerless, especially those who don't have much money to donate. But sometimes, just a simple message or two may make people feel better, when spoken from one's sincere heart.

Here's mission statement by the director:


Make our prayers to art. Make our art to energy.

~our art messages to the people suffered through a catastrophe~

Our hearts go out to the people who lost love ones. Our thoughts are with the people affected by the tragedy.

YELL ART PROJECT was started with our sincere wishes to reach out to those who are suffering by putting together a force of art through the internet, and raising funds through art exhibitions.

What we can do is to live our lives and care about the suffering lives and the future.
Appreciate little things in everyday life while breathing, walking, talking and sharing.

YELL ART is in our everyday lives; a hope to be found in lives of the ones suffered and of ourselves.

YELL ART gathers together the power of creative minds, nurturing the network of support to a groundswell.

Yes, we can move our economy.
Yes, we can share our goodwill.

In the midst of crisis and uncertainty, caring and sharing of each one of us is what makes a better future.

We need your support.

Samples of works already been submitted can be viewed here. (and of course, they want more!)

So far many named Japanese artists have collaborated with this concept, but you don't have to be named, Japanese, nor artist, if you have message to share!

To submit your work, either hashtag it on twitter   #yellart
or, simply send email to

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