Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Language and Music

Just had a shoot with Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals, my all-time favorite band since I was in teens. Having worked with many "celebrities", I rarely have star-struck, but this time I was like "....woooow." But  Gruff was just as how I imagined, a very warm, humble, and thoughtful man. 

I was proud to capture the voice I've been familiar with for past 12 years; the voice heard through discman on the train in Japan with teenage angst, the voice blasted out at the backyard of the dorm at party in California, the voice played on car stereo on the road trip with my friends, or the voice soothed me in my apartment in Brooklyn with some solitude. Memories, Memories, Memories...

This is the new project whose theme is "Language and Music", which my buddy Shawn has been developing. Gruff was the third person for the interview after a couple of another famed musicians, but he was indeed a perfect fit, especially given that he's heavily rooted in Welsh culture and language. 

More details for the project to be announced soon with the trailer of what we shot, but it will definitely be a note-worthy project! Language and Music, and communication induced by them, has been a key theme for myself as well, so I am excited to be involved.

Next day we went to BAM to see his first feature documentary Gruff directed: "Seperado!" 
Synopsis here.

It's an amazing combination of my favorite stuff: Music Driven, Road Movie, with Psychedelic Visual Effect and Witty Jokes.

Too bad it's one-time premier screening in New York, but if it gets distributed eventually, and if you're interested in above theme, go see it!


インタビューの内容は「Language and Music(言語と音楽)」についてで、詳細はまだ明かせませんが大ざっぱに言うと様々なミュージシャンに音楽がどのように言語的(コミュニケーション的)役割を果たすかをインタビューする一大プロジェクト。今回インタビューしたグリフ・リースは3人目。このプロジェクトにはこれからもどんどん関わっていく(はず)です!








ちょっと話しはそれるけど数日後、敬愛するヴェルナー・ヘルツォーク監督の「Cave of Forgotten Dreams」を観たんだけど、これも素晴らしかった。フランスのショーヴェ洞窟を扱ったドキュメンタリー映画で、そこで発見された3万年以上前の壁画についての解説と考察。




Wednesday, June 15, 2011


1ヶ月以上前に制作したモーショングラフィックの映像、"I AM" がリリースレーベルよりウェブサイトでオフィシャルミュージッククリップとして発表されました



The music clip I made for "I AM" from BNS Sessions compilation album, is published on their website.

Supplementing to what's on the website... this was initially inspired by the earthquake in Japan. After participating and attending several series of charity events as volunteer, there are something that was still stuck in my heart. It felt like a scar attacked by invisible enemies.

I couldn't resist creating something of my own, not knowing which direction it'd take. 
When I showed my rough cut, my friend Tomo has suggested me to send it Yell Art, whose agenda matched with what I was doing then.

After series of trials and errors, I've completed the piece and showed it to Shawn, the president of BNS Sessions, and RamKirin, one of the composer/vocal of the track "I AM",
and they applauded me saying this is exactly what they envisioned upon making of the track. 

So here it is, the visual I made without knowing its goal, using motion graphic all on my own for the first time. Hope you take a breath to enjoy, and feel a moment of compassion to those who are lost and suffering.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ari Why's "Cyborgata" Music Video Shoot

It's been a couple of weeks since we shot the music video of "Cyborgata", the last track of Ari Why's new album "Proof of Giants" (by BNS Records). 

This is my new directing piece since "Brain Bug" (short film), and I was so pumped to make this happen, and make it real good! It took me a while from writing story to location scouting to casting to organizing crew... in between jobs.

And BIG THANKS to talented & dedicated crew on set, the footage looks amazing. Now on to the editing - which will be another process, and should be able to release the complete piece in July. 

もう2週間経ちますが・・・。ニューヨークのトラックメイカーAri Whyのミュージックビデオの撮影が無事終了しました。久しぶりのディレクター作品。構成からロケハンからキャスティングまではりきって!



The photo is taken by Chiaki Matsumoto, who worked as Production Manager of the project.

Location is a park in NYC. It needed "forest" look, not too far from where we live. 
I believe this is the best we could get! Also the perfect time of the year with greens.

My man Jun deciding the shot. Very smooth and reliable DP. 4 Stars (out of 4)!

Special Effect Make-Up by Hiroe
Creating a cyborg at low-cost is not an easy thing to do...

Hair & Make-Up for Beauty by Tsuyoshi. He was attached 2 days before the shoot, 
but solid and great at taking directions. 

Butts of professionals.

Cast is ex-professional dancer Ana and a dance professor Diogo, immense talents from Brazil.

Serious crew and cast...blessing. 
Jaime, ヨウスケ、シュン君も含め、本当に皆さん感謝です。

A serious tree. Wonder what's inside of it?

Ari Why and Me
Ari Whyとのツーショット。

Yosuke, Assistant Camera for this, shot bunch of awesome pictures too- so sharing some of them.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream Up!


Dream Up!
TBS系列 毎週日曜よる10:54放送


“世界で挑戦する日本人”そして“日本人は知らないが世界で誰もが認めるMADE IN JAPAN”を取材・紹介していくミニ・ドキュメンタリー番組です。

5/15 「バレエダンサー 加治屋百合子さん」
5/22 「グラフィックアーティスト ケンゾー・ミナミさん」
5/29 「ウエディングドレスデザイナー 吉岡順子さん」

7/10 「スタンドアップコメディアン・小池良介さん」
7/17 「プロドラマー・菅野知明さん」



A short Japanese TV program I've worked on as a Production Manager/ Researcher will be on the air soon! (well, has been on the air last month... haven't updated blog so long). 

It's an inspiring short documentary about talented Japanese from different industry. 
Check it out if you can!

Program: Dream Up!
Broadcast: TBS
Time 10:54 PM ~ 

5/15 Yuriko Kajiya (ABT Ballet Dancer)
5/22 Kenzo Minami (Graphic Artist)
5/29 Junko Yoshioka (Wedding Dress Designer)
7/10 Rio Koike (Stand-up Comedian)
7/17 Tomoaki Kanno (Session Drummer)