Wednesday, June 15, 2011


1ヶ月以上前に制作したモーショングラフィックの映像、"I AM" がリリースレーベルよりウェブサイトでオフィシャルミュージッククリップとして発表されました



The music clip I made for "I AM" from BNS Sessions compilation album, is published on their website.

Supplementing to what's on the website... this was initially inspired by the earthquake in Japan. After participating and attending several series of charity events as volunteer, there are something that was still stuck in my heart. It felt like a scar attacked by invisible enemies.

I couldn't resist creating something of my own, not knowing which direction it'd take. 
When I showed my rough cut, my friend Tomo has suggested me to send it Yell Art, whose agenda matched with what I was doing then.

After series of trials and errors, I've completed the piece and showed it to Shawn, the president of BNS Sessions, and RamKirin, one of the composer/vocal of the track "I AM",
and they applauded me saying this is exactly what they envisioned upon making of the track. 

So here it is, the visual I made without knowing its goal, using motion graphic all on my own for the first time. Hope you take a breath to enjoy, and feel a moment of compassion to those who are lost and suffering.

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