Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ricecookers Live @ La MaMa

東京に到着してから比較的すぐ、ちょうどライブのオープニング映像の提供をしたバンド、The RicecookersのライブがあったのでもちろんGo!! ちょうど彼らの日本ツアーと帰国タイミングがかぶってよかった。

場所は老舗ライブハウスの渋谷La Mama!

A few days after I arrived in Tokyo, it turned out that my friends' band "The Ricecookers" was having Japan Tour and I was able to catch a show in Shibuya Lamama, Tokyo. Upon their request, I'd made a few visual pieces to pump up the audience before the gig... 

Even before the door opens, there was line and once inside, it was fully packed. I'm so proud of you guys! 


You can check out the visuals collage I made- they played them right before the band's appearance. 

These are pre-edited visuals, unlike my usual Live VJ, using MIDI and good old Motion Dive Tokyo... but there are not many venues that has projectors and space to do it nowadays...

ライブは最後まで高いテンションをキープ、新旧の曲をやり切ったThe Ricecookers・・・

The gig was really exciting, straight rock'n'roll, jam-packed with energy. They are so hugely welcomed in Tokyo! 

See you guys in NYC!

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