Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Mix CD Party

Reminder of the fun party- which BNS Sessions hosted. They've been a good family of mine, and I'm so thankful to have one, especially when I'm so far away from my home in Japan.

The idea was to exchange attendee's original holiday mix CD (and tapes), instead of bulky gifts. Hip-hop, Folk, Funk, Oldies, each provide and share their own taste. What a great idea- this will keep the cold winter & holiday season warm. 

Here are what I chose (the order sort of tells a story of a man... in 2 days). Have A Happy New Year! 2012!

クリスマスシーズンも過ぎ先週のパーティー振り返り。昔から長い付き合いのクリエイティブ集団BNS Sessionsのホリデーパーティー。今回のコンセプトはみんなそれぞれに自分なりのホリデー用CDを人数分作って交換するというもの。フタを開ければ過半数がミュージシャンだったため(先日PVを公開したAri Why、The Roadside GravesのJeremy, John, Colin、Fun MachineのRenee、Strange Weather RecordingのDanielなど)、なかなかのプレッシャー。



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