Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bonnaroo 2012: Part 2

Like many others, my second day at Bonnaroo started with a bit of hang over... and the day started off by watching Brooklyn-based band Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, which was highly recommended by my buddy Daniel who worked their recording at Strange Weather studio. The mixture of funk and African tribal style, spirited by Brooklyn indie music.

More precisely, the day started off by finding a tiny tent...for dog I suppose?

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang

It was still earlier in the day, and lots of people were still laying on the grass, chilling. 

Then the wake up call for many, was the punk rock legend (since 1970's), BAD BRAINS. They were one of "must-see" for me, and their performance indeed was! It's really inspiring to see so much energy in 50-something years old guys... keeping their passion agelessly. 

Bad Brains. Very cool show, 
balanced between hard-punk and mellow reggae.

Look at this guy in the center of moshpit- I think he'd be 50-60 yrs old - still rockin'

FLOGGING MOLLY! This was another of memorable show. 

Battles. 4th times I see them and 1st time seeing without Tyondai. 
Of course it wasn't the same.

Silent Disco. What a great idea! 

Probably one of the best acts I got to experience myself during Bonnaroo was of Mogwai. 
Heavy sound and beats was spearing right at me and going through my body and brain.
Interestingly enough, some people near the stage walked away during performance, just because the sound was so heavy and loud. So I could experience this flood of the God-like sound up so close. 



Then we moved on to see The Roots. I'm not a big hip-hop fan, but they're in different world for me.
High spirits and music- and so happy to hear their cover version of "The Bottle" (by Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson). This song has the truth.

So far from stage, but still got the vibes

Then this day's headliner, Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band I'd listened to since I was teenager (that was like... 15 years ago??). The first time I see their live performance, and it was a must see. 
Most of my favorite bands from 80's and 90's have gone separated or been done with different reasons... Beastie Boys included (I heart MCA)

RHCP had gone through lots of different phases as well. I lost track of them after Fruciante left the band... and he was indeed the greatest guitarist. However, the new (and young) guitarist Josh was amazing as well. Big up for him!

Besides all the great songs (old ones like "Give it away", "Suck my kiss", and ones from my favorite album Californication), what caught my attention was their unity. Anthony, Flea, and Chad played so hard and solid throughout, and somehow I felt they were inciting the new "young one" Josh at some point, Josh responded with his own skill. I got the goosebumps. Flea's MC was quite heartfelt as well.


The last day of Bonnaroo - which was much slower and more mellow - with following acts.
We left after the first act of Phish... as we had to go back to NYC (I had a underwater commercial shoot from very day). All parties must come to an end. But hey, life goes on and always the new party starts.
Enjoying the life at its best is not a bad thing. 

And cloudy.  High-touch with random strangers while waiting in line to enter

Black Lips - met them in Bowery Ballroom a few years ago. 
Too bad they played so early in the day... 

Beach Boys. Legend- why not?

Ben Folds is back too!

Bon Iver. Probably the best act of the day.

Phish. With bunch of hippie audiences. They jammed for 4 hours total!