Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer of 2012

It seems like the summer officially ended. Bonnaroo being the biggest of all- I finally managed the time to compile the summary of summer (more or less for my personal account)

When did the summer even start actually? My FB timeline just reminded me. As much as I wanted to be like these kids, my only regret was that I couldn't get in the water for summer. 

Seeing Jimmy Cliff jumping around on the stage again, was good moment. He's been my hero since I saw him at Central Park Summer Stage a couple of years ago (he stopped the rain then - just as he started playing "I can see clearly now") . Several hours later, we took off to Bonnaroo.

Coming back from Tennessee, the job lined up was an underwater commercial film job. Since the studio was so remote from NYC, we stayed in the beautiful house called Starbuck Inn, in Connecticut. Very successful shoot and can’t wait to share it soon!

Tropfest @ Bryant Park: claiming the “world’s biggest film festival”, presented by Hugh Jackman. What a luxury to be laying on the lawn in the middle of the city, watching short films… I might make a film for this next year... anyone wanna join?

July 4th... last one was spent in Adirondack mountain with my buddy Ryan. This year was done in more proper way; on the rooftop of my friend's vintage clothing store "Interwoven",  in Dumbo BK. 

Free concert is always awesome - nothing to complain. OK Go, that brought me back to my college time... sounds like they moved to Brooklyn? I hope to run into them.

I run into Janka Nabay though, whom I saw a couple of weeks earlier at Bonnaroo. He was hanging out at Zebulon shortly before their gig @ Glasslands Gallery. Very energetic and magnetic guy - exchanged a couple of beers and cigs- then he invited me to come to the show and I certainly did!

Right before this accidental meeting with Janka, was a dinner with my old college mate Bing from Hollywood. Took him to Diner in Williamsburg, order a neatly presented quail to show how hipster I am, haha. Old time talk of when I used to make 5 bucks/hour and eat hotdog everyday. Time flies. Quail was okay. Not next time.

I guess this is much more summerly. Beer, prociutto at rooftop of Eaterly. It wasn't overpriced and too bad I couldn't come back again for the summer. 

More food pics. Figs and Prosciutto Pizza @ Figs in Boston.
One needs good food when you have to get good interviews with some of Harvard's top neuroscientists. 

Moved to Washington DC to get more good food- I mean, good interviews. This is the thickest steak I've ever eaten- and weirdest hamburger I've seen.

On another documentary job. Back to my U.S. roots, New Orleans. Cafe du Monde, which I went 3 times during 3 days of stay. Now I feel such a grown up, being here for work. Too bad I couldn't get the time to hang out with my old friends- next time when I come for fun!


This was such a blessed documentary; so much heartfelt moment, being backed by good-hearted people. Then as we were filming B-Roll- thunderstorm hit us as we're moving and cleared when we get out of the car. Sunshine thru the cloud and a rainbow. Too good.

OK, last work-related-food, wasabi! A big commercial shoot is so confidential that I was only allowed to take photo of gigantic wasabi from catering... just kidding. I thought it was just funn. 

Oh, one more to note... I had a big birthday party at the basement of Sing Sing, hosted by Old Soulz Ent...Live DJs, Screening of films, Live Art Painting, Games, etc...and holy crap this is the only visible photo in my iPhone. (rooms were so dark) Well, fun memory stays... 

Then the BBQ... with bunch of filmmakers. The end of the summer, I suppose.