Monday, August 19, 2013

HPGRP Gallery Exhibition

I'm happy to announce that my video works are being screened at HPGRP gallery, a very nice gallery in Chelsea, NYC - started on August 15th. 

Below are some photos from the opening reception. It's been a while since I screened my works in public. It was a quite an experience, as me being the sole filmmaker in this group exhibition - a bit nervous in the beginning but turned out really awesome! 

Many people came in to sit down (or stand up), really WATCHING the pieces I put so much effort into- purely happy moments. 

Big Thanks to HPGRP for giving me such an opportunity. The exhibition (and screening) will run until August 31st, so if you're around in the neighborhood, please swing by and check it out!

HPGRP Gallery
529 West 20th St. 2W, New York NY 10011


このLotus Photographyというグループ展、先日オープニング・レセプションに行きましたが、映像作家としての出品は自分だけなのもあって、ドキドキしました。でも多くの人が入れ替わってはじっと座って真剣に自分の作ったものを観てくれる、そんなピュアな喜びを久しぶりに感じられる素晴らしい機会でした。そしてこれからも仕事だけに流されないように自分の映像をつくり続けていかなければ、と。


HPGRP Gallery
529 West 20th St. 2W, New York NY 10011

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